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Monitoring and Follow-up of Participants in the Training


Health Education to Take Root in the Communities

In order for the people of Timor-Leste to practice the health education on their own, monitoring and follow-up are very important. Therefore, we periodically monitor how the trainees are implementing what they have learned from training session, how many villagers have received the health education, and if the health education is offered to villagers in easy-to-understand ways. As we hope to establish a system of monitoring which the District Health Office can carry out on their own rather than by SHARE alone, we worked with the Health Office in establishing the monitoring method and preparing the monitoring sheets of health education. As for problems and challenges that become apparent after monitoring, SHARE encourages people to try and solve them on their own. In concrete terms, we hold follow-up workshops, etc. and offer support to establish the health education in the communities without SHARE's assistance.
Photo (left): Community leader who received TOT is being interviewed on how the health education is being implemented.
Photo (right): Primary school children singing in the annual health song contest participated by schools. The contest is held as a part of health education..

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