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Training for Health Care Education


Training of Trainers (TOT)

TOT Program is for persons who can offer health education to community people in Ermira District. Trainees are health care staffs, primary school teachers and community leaders (such as church group leaders, women's group leaders, local NGO staff and community police) who are trusted by the community people. A total of 253 persons underwent this training so far. The training is co-sponsored with the District Health Office of Ermera, and is not limited to lectures but also offers programs such as drama acting, games, songs, and quizzes that people can easily understand. Actual health education planning is included in the training so that people can go back to their communities and offer effective health education to villages within their communities. Training program is a 3-day intensive course roughly covering five sections although the purposes and methodologies differ depending on the targets.

1: Lectures on symptoms and signs, prevention and care of 13 diseases (malaria, pregnancy complications, anemia,mal-nutrition, tuberculosis, conjunctivitis, dermatosis, diarrhea, dental caries, parasitosis, vaccination, common cold, and iodine deficiency prevalent in Ermera).
2: Lectures on theory, techniques and methodology of health education
3: Demonstration of health education through skits, songs and games
4: Lessons on how to use SHARE-developed teaching materials and practice
5: Lecture and practice of health education plans and importance of monitoring.

Photo (left): People learning about nutrition using a game
Photo (center): Demonstration of how to brush teeth using a hand-made die
Photo (right): Lessons on how to take special care during pregnancy using skit

Photo (left): Lessons on how to use SHARE-developed teaching materials

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