Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions (SHARE) = SHARE is a citizen sector organization (NGO) that engages in international cooperation mainly through providing health service.

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In the midst of the Indochina War of the late 1970s, there was drastic increase in the number of refugees fleeing countries such as Cambodia and Laos. During this time, the Japanese International Volunteer Center (JVC) was established to provide medical support for those who were forced to flee their home country. Through efforts ranging from medical examinations to educational programs, doctors and nurses worked to better to health of these refugees, some of whom faced serious medical conditions. In 1983, as volunteers became more and more engaged in this project, they decided to create a group within the JVC focusing solely on overseas aid and medical support, launching activities in both Thailand and Japan. This group subsequently became an independent organization, forming what is now SHARE, the Services for the Health in Asian and African Regions.


1983 Founded in the Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)
1984 Provided health support in Tokyo's Sanya Area
1985 Collaborated with JVC to establish a provision for the emergency support famine victims in Ethiopia
1988 Launched the Mother and Child Health Project in Cambodia with the support of JVC
1990 Office moved to Edogawa-ku,
Participated in Health Consultations in Kotobuki-area, Yokohama
Launched the Primary Healthcare Project in Thailand
1991 Began Health Consultations for foreigners living in Japan
Began research for a new project in Cambodia
Established Provision for Emergency Aid for victims affected by the Pinatubo volcanic eruption in the Philippines
1992 Launched the Community Health Project in Cambodia
Began AIDS Talks (Discussion regarding HIV/AIDS and Gender)
Provided assistance to the Kotobuki Medical Team in Yokohama
1993 10th Anniversary of SHARE's Founding
Provided support for the Atofaruna School for the Deaf in Palestine
1994 Established a provision for emergency health services in a Rwandan refugee camp
Launched AIDS project in Thailand
Established a provision for emergency health services in a Rwandan refugee camp
1995 Established a provision for the emergency aid of victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and continued providing care thereafter
1996 Endorsed the establishment of a hearing-testing center in Gaza
Palestine Emergency Support for victims of Flood in Cambodia
1997 Moved offices from the Edogawa-ku to the Bunkyo-ku
1998 Termination of project in the Khsach Kandal District of Cambodia--New project launched in Srey Santhor District
15th Anniversary of SHARE's Founding
1999 Established a provision for emergency aid in Timor-Leste (East Timor)
2000 Launched the Primary Healthcare Project in Timor-Leste
2001 Officially registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO)
2002 Launched Timor-Leste Elmira Prefecture Health Education Program
2003 20th Anniversary of SHARE's Founding
2004 Moved offices from the Bunkyo-ku to the Taito-ku
Provided support for victims of the Niigata Earthquake
Started research for the HIV/AIDS project in South Africa
2005 Provided support for Tsunami victims in Thailand
Launched the HIV/AIDS project in South Africa in collaboration with JVC
2006 Provided emergency support for refugees in Timor-Leste
2007 Launched Timor-Leste Education and Volunteer Projects
2008 Officially acknowledged as a NPO
Donation/Fund-raise:The share is recognition NPO. The contribution of everybody becomes the object of the deduction.
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