Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions (SHARE) = SHARE is a citizen sector organization (NGO) that engages in international cooperation mainly through providing health service.

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Chairman's Welcome


Welcome to SHARE

SHARE is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 by Masako Hoshino--former secretary general of the Japan Volunteer Center (JVC)--as a relief organization focusing specifically on health-related issues in Asia and Africa. Having spent much of her time helping refugees of the Indochina war and drought victims in Ethiopia, Ms. Hoshino took specific interest in establishing an organization founded upon the principles of equality and collaboration. She hoped that SHARE would create a bridge between Japan and developing countries in order to establish a world in which everybody can live happily and healthily.
SHARE's new mascots, two bunnies named シェーちゃん (shae-chan) and アーちゃん (are-chan), have their ears tied together to represent the hope that SHARE will be able to listen and collaborate with others in facing the numerous health problems around the world. They also symbolize SHARE's goal of sharing and spreading knowledge of world health issues, especially those that are prevalent in developing countries.
SHARE hopes to become a powerful agent of change in the healthcare systems of Japan and developing countries in Asia and Africa. We hope for your support and participation in order to make this possible.

The Dr. Honda Chronicles (staff journals/blog)

Cherishing Life, Primary Health Care and Footprints of SHARE--A story of how a Japanese health NGO has grown up over the past quarter century Receiving the Okinawa Peace Prize

Media Coverage


September 25 Mainichi Newspaper SHARE's Chair Toru Honda was featured in the "People" section of the Mainichi Newspaper. The article discusses Dr. Honda's health-related efforts both inside and outside of Japan, as well as his feelings about winning the 20th Annual Mainichi International Exchange Award.
April 25 Shinshukyo Newspaper An article featured in the Shinshukyo Newspaper discusses the progress of a 10-day long lecture with Dr. Honda regarding world health and medical treatment.
March 1 LIBRA An interview with SHARE's Chair Dr. Toru Honda was featured in the Tokyo Bar Association's Journal "LIBRA." This article introduces SHARE's projects, discussing the organization's efforts to save lives in developing countries.
January 10 Asahi Newspaper Dr. Honda was featured in the "People" section of the Asahi Newspaper. The article analyzes SHARE and Dr. Honda's efforts to help foreign citizens in Japan. It also discusses Dr. Honda's reactions to winning the 27th Tokyo Bar Association Prize for Human Rights.


Issued August 31 "One With the Farmers" #174 An article titled "Medical Aid in Japan and in Developing Countries" discusses Dr. Honda's thoughts after receiving the Takatsuki Award.
Issued August 15 "Crossroads" #502 An article titled "Four and a Half Centuries of NGO Activity" details an interview conducted with SHARE's Chairman, Dr. Toru Honda
Issued March 30 "Global Information Journal" Volume 4 An article titled "Life and Death: International Cooperation," featuring SHARE's chair Dr. Toru Honda, was published in this volume.

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