Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions (SHARE) = SHARE is a citizen sector organization (NGO) that engages in international cooperation mainly through providing health service.

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By the end of 2004, there were an estimated 39.4 million HIV positive people around the world, with as many as 13 thousand people dying of AIDS in a single day. Although in recent years there have been significant advancements in HIV/AIDS treatment, because health systems in third world countries are not as developed, and treatment is very expensive, HIV positive people living in developing countries are unable to access medication and treatment for the virus.

HIV/AIDS has become an increasingly prevalent concern in third world countries as it continues to take the lives of both young and old, leaving many orphans and broken families in the process. It has become a worldwide problem that must be solved with a worldwide effort--one that cannot be addressed by a single country alone.

SHARE has crafted programs in Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, and Japan addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS. Taking advantage of its 20 years of experience as an international non-profit organization, SHARE has created country-specific, unique programs designed to fulfill its goal of providing Primary Healthcare for all.

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