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In Japan, there are people with limited access to medical care. Quite a number of non-Japanese living in Japan find it difficult to go to the hospital because they are "not covered by Health Insurance," they are "not proficient in Japanese language," and so on.

SHARE's Activities
We Want to Convey What We Have Learned Overseas to the Japanese People

One of SHARE's unique features is that we are active in Japan as well as in overseas countries. In particular, we serve people from other countries living in Japan with limited access to medical care by holding mobile counseling services and telephone counseling for medical care.
Our awareness-raising campaigns for the Japanese offer opportunities to learn about the current situation and SHARE's activities overseas. Another activity that we provide is AIDS Education and Workshops arranged for the Japanese public based on the knowledge and information we have accumulated in the overseas countries where we carry out our activities.

Country Data Japan

Area 378,000 km2
Population Approx. 127.63 million
Average life expectancy at birth 82
HIV infection ratio rate 0.1%
Infant mortality rate Approx. 3/1,000 births
Mortality rate of children under 5 Approx. 4/1,000 births
Maternal mortality rate Approx. 8/100 thousand births

Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website
Japanese Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour Website: Summary statistics
UNICEF: The State of the World's Children 2009
WHO: World Health Statistics 2008, 2009

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