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The Kingdom of Cambodia

After many years of Civil War, Cambodia is now in a period of peace and stability. As Phnom Penh, its capital, develops rapidly, the gap between the life of urban areas and that of rural areas is widening, and in rural areas, villagers continue to face harsh living conditions. In particular, the health of mothers and children, measured by the maternal and infant mortality rates, continue to be inferior to many neighboring ASEAN countries. Additionally, as you can see in the table below, nutrition has improved slowly in comparison to other indicators.

Country data

Area 181,035 sq. km.2 (little less than 1/2 of Japan)
Population 16 million (2017)
Language Official language: Cambodian (Khmer)
Religion Buddhism (Theravada Buddhism) 90%,
Islam, Christianity etc. (minority groups)
Life expectancy 69.3 (2017)
Population under the age of 60 65% (2017)
Population in rural area 80% (2017)
Average years of schooling 4.7 (2017)
Household income per capita 1,228 USD (2016)
Infant morality rate 28 per 1,000 births (2014)
Mortality rate under 5 35 per 1,000 births (2014)
Maternal mortality rate 170 per 100,000 births (2014)


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