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【As each drop of Kunar River cry for Him】


As each drop of Kunar River cry for Him

Toru Honda

When in 2007 we visited your dormitory in Nangarhar

You turned your warm face to us and just said

"Please stroll around our canal."

After having accomplished such a great deed you kept your humility and taciturnity

That long canal with willow branches swaying in the breeze

Looked as if it was a paradise depicted in Koran

It flowed down gently replenishing the thirst and hunger of multitude

Vast lush land and cool shades this canal have created

Will certainly sustain lives of hundred-thousands of people

Who for so long have suffered from protracted warfarebr

Dear Our Hakim Nakamura

Your spirit will forever live in the land of Afghan with us

Like the beautiful yellow flower of Chambalhar

(Dec. 4, 2019 Toru Honda)

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