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[Support for the victims of flood in Cambodia No. 4] SHARE distributes food, medical supplies and conducts medical examinations.

SHARE supplied food, medical & sanitary goods to 63 families in Banteay Village, Svay Antor District, Pray Veng Province where relief support hadn't been delivered despite damages they had incurred.  SHARE also conducted medical check-ups and taught villagers how to maintain sanitary conditions.

Relief goods to families damaged by flood
Each family (63 families in total) was furnished with 15kg rice, 1 bar soap, 16 chlorine tablets (1 tablet used to purify 20L-25L water. More are required if water is dirty.)
Free medical check-ups for villagers of Banteay
SHARE checked the temperatures and took pulses of the villagers of Banteay.  It also supplied medicines such as antimicrobials, febrifuge and antibiotics.  Common symptoms of villagers were cough, fever and skin infections.
* Chlorine was provided by the Ministry of Health.  For the medical examination, the board of health of the District/ Health Center also distributed anti antipyretic analgesics, sickness pills, antibiotics and other medicines.

While flooding in residential areas is going down, the damage to rice paddies is serious.  It is possible that many of villagers will not be able to harvest the rice they need for daily meals, so they will need long-term support.

(Left) People getting food and medicine
(Center) SHARE staff giving children check-ups
(Right) Examinations by staff of board of health of the district.

(Left) Women and children queue for medical examinations.
(Center) SHARE staff give instructions on maintaining sanitary conditions to prevent infections.
(Right)  Skin infection due to polluted water.

(Left) Banteay village, damaged by flooding
(Center) Flooded house.  In a stilt house, the area under the floor is an important space for cooking, washing, weaving and other housekeeping. Right now they can't even collect water or store water jars because of flooding.  
(Right) A boy walking in the flooded village.

 Villager and SHARE staff mapping the village and checking for damage.

Nov. 2, 2011.

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