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[Support for the victims of flood in Cambodia N0.2] SHARE decided to make support for flood victims.

kh2.jpgVarious locations in Cambodia are seriously damaged by floods. It has affected the daily life of the people and their sanitary conditions. Even in the less affected areas, people are facing problems for which they can't get aid.  In one of the villages which SHARE investigated, Banteay village, Svay Antor District,  Pray Veng Province, 63 out of 116 households are flooded from knee to waist heights, and they can't get food or water so far.  There is no access to health center or clinic, and health problems, such as skin infections, are already on the rise.  Necessary medicines are also unavailable.
SHARE has been working for health care support activities in Cambodia since 1988 and has decided to supply food and medication for the flood victims.
Scheduled materials
1. Supply 15kg rice per household to poor families
2. Supply a set of chlorine disinfectant, ORS, antibiotic ointment, febrifuge and soap to households damaged by submergence.


(Left) Banteay village, damaged by flooding
(Center) Flooded house.  In a stilt house, the area under the floor is an important space for cooking, washing, weaving and other housekeeping. Right now they can't even collect water or store water jars because of flooding.  
(Right) Villager and SHARE staff mapping the village and checking for damage.


Photo: skin infection due to polluted water.
Oct. 25, 2011

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