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Enforcing Health Centers' management capabilities

A Building is Not Enough - Learning the Management Skills of a Health Center
Health Centers are the health-related facilities closest to people's lives. There is one center per about 10,000 villagers. The Health Center staff offers services such as immunizations and prenatal examinations in cooperation with the village Health Volunteers to promote community health. Close cooperation between Health Center staff and the Health Volunteers is essential, but not all the communities enjoy such a relationship. SHARE aims to support the smooth management of health centers by the staff with cooperation from the Health Volunteers and traditional birth attendants. It also offers monitoring and evaluations of action plan making, along with helping with guidance, training, monitoring and field exercises for Health Volunteers and birth attendants. It is very difficult to establish a common awareness regarding work efficiency, importance of information sharing and teamwork among staff in a short period of time, and it is especially difficult to establish a good relationship among the staff and the health volunteers. Thus, with a long- term viewpoint, SHARE continues to provide a steady platform between the health centers and the people of the community in order to achieve tangible results so that local people will be able to manage the health centers continuously and smoothly in the near future. (*Birth attendant: village midwife who helps with childbirth without medical qualification or regular training.)

Photo (left): Study tour to learn about cooperation with Health Volunteers
Photo (center): Health Center staff consulting SHARE staff about nutrition needed for growth of children
Photo (right): Health Center staff learning about nutrition necessary for child growth

Photo (left): Health Center staff acting as a facilitator for Health Volunteers at infant health examinationv
Photo (right): Conference with District Health Office for strengthening Health Center management
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